Shows by Year: 2003

Resistiré - 2003/01/13

When Diego Moran’s girlfriend leaves him, breaking his heart and stealing his possessions, he thinks that he might never love again. But then he meets... more →

Cosita Rica - 2003/04/01

In English the title translates as Beautiful Girl and that refers to Paula. She is the prettiest girl in the neighborhood and she dreams of becoming a... more →

Pasión de Gavilanes - 2003/10/21

A story of passion and family loyalty, Pasión de Gavilanes revolves around the lives of the Reyes brothers. Juan, Franco, and Oscar place family above all... more →

Machos - 2003/03/03

Machos revolves around the lives of the Mercader family. Ángel Mercader, a prominent doctor from Viña del Mar, has devoted his life to teaching his seven... more →

Bésame Tonto - 2003/10/01

Besame Tonto is the story of a young woman who ignores the fact that she grew in a mafia family and that she is adopted. Her adoptive father is an Italian... more →

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