Shows by Year: 2002

Rebelde Way - 2002/05/27

The plot of Rebelde Way revolves around a group of wealthy adolescents at Elite Way School. Only the most privileged children find themselves at the... more →

Son Amores - 2002/01/28

Son Amores is a story of family and intimacy. Roberto Sanchez, a single football referee, lives alone in a suburb of Buenos Aires. He enjoys his solitude... more →

Gata Salvaje - 2002/05/16

Gata Salvaje was a telenovela which aired first on Venevisión in Venezuela on May 16, 2002 and some days later was released on the Spanish station Univision... more →

Las Gonzalez - 2002/08/07

This story is set in a flower shop in a bustling city. Despite being in such a city this flower shop is situated in one of those streets where real people... more →

Juana la Virgen - 2002/02/05

One simple mistake in a hospital has far-reaching implications for a young girl and her family. The mistake means that 17 year old Juana is artificially... more →

Mi Gorda Bella - 2002/07/19

This is the story of Valentina, a young woman who fights for justice and love both for herself and those around her. Because she is overweight she cannot... more →

Clase 406 - 2002/01/01

First part: The central figure of Class 406 is Francisco Romero, a high school teacher who has just arrived to Mexico City. In the daily coexistence with his... more →

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