Shows by Year: 2001

O Clone - 2001/10/01

O Clone is the story of star-crossed lovers Lucas and Jade. While Lucas is the son of a powerful Brazilian businessman, Jade is the daughter of very... more →

Pedro el Escamoso - 2001/12/03

Pedro el Escamoso is the story of Pedro Coral Tavera. Pedro is a hapless womanizer who is searching for wealth and prosperity. When Pedro experiences some... more →

Amigas y Rivales - 2001/07/30

The plot of Amigas y Rivales revolves around the exciting lives of four young women from different walks of life. Laura is a hardworking college student who... more →

Mas que Amor... Frenesi - 2001/01/20

Ordinary people leading ordinary lives … just like you and me … come to live in this story. We share life’s experiences with a group of men and women... more →

Felina - 2001/03/01

Daniela is a beautiful young woman, whose justice seeking personality got her into trouble since childhood, specially with the authorities in her hometown,... more →

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