Shows by Year: 2000 - 2007

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Bésame Tonto - 2003/10/01

Besame Tonto is the story of a young woman who ignores the fact that she grew in a mafia family and that she is adopted. Her adoptive father is an Italian... more →

Felina - 2001/03/01

Daniela is a beautiful young woman, whose justice seeking personality got her into trouble since childhood, specially with the authorities in her hometown,... more →

Hay Amores Que Matan - 2000/03/15

In 1975, three young reporters and a priest are investigating criminal acts tied to Gumersindo Montenegro – a rising politician with a bright future. His... more →

Clase 406 - 2002/01/01

First part: The central figure of Class 406 is Francisco Romero, a high school teacher who has just arrived to Mexico City. In the daily coexistence with his... more →

Maria Rosa, Búscame una Esposa - 2000/01/08

Of all the assignments given to Maria Rosa Garcia by her boss in the many years they have worked together, the most difficult one comes when he tells her:... more →

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