Shows by Year: 1990 - 1999

Por Amor - 1997/10/06

When her family is virtually ruined, Azucena Garcia is forced to move to Bogota, Columbia. In order to survive, she begins working for the Rivero Del... more →

Terra Nostra - 1999/09/20

Set in the late 1800s, Terra Nostra is a telenovela about love and culture. Terra Nostra pinpoints an important time in history when Brazilian slaves were... more →

Café, con aroma de mujer - 1993/11/30

Created by Fernando Gaitan, Café con Aroma de Mujer was extremely popular for its storyline, as well as its scenery. The telenovela was shot in multiple... more →

Dos Mujeres, un Camino - 1993/09/14

Juan “Johnny” Villegas is a man with a history. He transports merchandise from Mexico to the United States, embarking on adventures that often bring him... more →

Volver a Empezar - 1994/05/01

Starring Mexican diva Yuri as Reni, Puerto Rican singing legend Chayanne as himself, Carlos Miguel as Poncho and Pilar Montenegro as Jessica. Reni is a 20... more →

Muchachitas - 1991/05/01

Muchachitas is a Mexican telenovela produced for Televisa by Emilio Larrosa who also wrote the script during 1991 and 1992. The telenovela was also shown on... more →

Amores de Fin de Siglo - 1995/03/01

Amores de Fin de Siglo (1995) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Televisión. It was written by Leonardo... more →

Carita Pintada - 1999/08/25

A beautiful woman – Aurora - who was abandoned on the steps of a church at birth is the centre of this twisted tale of deception, jealousy and danger. Her... more →

El Pais de las Mujeres - 1998/01/01

On the day that Arcadia Gomez summons her five nieces to inform them that she will soon be dead, she receives a surprise of devastating proportions: all of... more →

Ka Ina - 1995/04/01

Ka Ina is the tale of a triangle of love that is also linked by superstition and magic. Catalina is a beautiful educated woman; Manina is also beautiful and... more →

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