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Mundo de Juguete - 1974/01/01

Mundo de Juguete was a telenovela produced in Mexico by Televisa in 1974. Mundo de Juguete is a remake of telenovela Papá Corazón (Argentina, 1973) with... more →

Doña Bárbara - 1975/05/01

Doña Bárbara (1975) is a Venezuelan telenovela written by José Ignacio Cabrujas. It is based on novel by Rómulo Gallegos. more →

Rina - 1977/09/01

"Rina" is a macabre telenovela that tells the rags to riches story of a poor hunchback and a destitute girl who sells straw dolls in the street and... more →

Estefania - 1979/07/01

This is a story of love, persecution and intrigue in the underground struggle against a dictatorship, set within a background of torture, jail and conspiracy... more →

Los Ricos También Lloran - 1979/10/01

Los Ricos También Lloran ("The rich also cry") is a popular telenovela. It was produced in Mexico in 1979 and was starred by Verónica Castro. She also sang... more →

La Comadre - 1979/03/01

This is a story set in a wild period of history in South America when tyrants and local warlords ruled. It was during this time that ordinary people were... more →


Elizabeth - 1980/02/01

An adopted child is reared by loving foster parents and grows up in a normal environment until her adolescence. Suddenly, a tragedy strikes. An unusual and... more →

El Derecho de Nacer - 1981/03/01

El Derecho de Nacer is a heartfelt double narrative about love and loss. When a beautiful young woman asks her doctor, Alberto Limoneta, for advice on an... more →

Luisana Mia - 1981/01/01

This is a powerful story of a young and talented woman who refuses to be shackled to the kitchen and forced to lead the life of an ordinary housewife. It’s... more →

Marta y Javier - 1983/05/01

Young love can sometimes take some terrible twists and turns before it finds fulfillment and the twists and turns in this telenovela are perfect examples of... more →

Leonela - 1983/04/01

Leonela is a beautiful woman who has remained chaste and saved herself for her wedding night. In a cruel twist of fate on the eve of her wedding she is raped... more →

Bienvenida Esperanza - 1983/03/01

Esperanza is a middle class girl whose family makes a fortune on the racetrack. Esperanza meets José María, the son of a rich merchant and they fall in... more →

La Dueña - 1984/03/01

We’re back in the turbulent times of 1928 and a failed coup leaves a wealthy man wounded and near death. He begs his mute servant to go in search of the... more →

Topacio - 1984/03/01

Life is never straightforward and there are many situations that are the exact opposite to what we might normally expect. Topacio is the daughter of rich... more →

Los Títeres - 1984/03/01

Written by renowned Chilean author Sergio Vodanovic, Los Títeres is the story of Artemisa Myknonos. When she was just seventeen, Artemisa moved to Chile... more →

Azucena - 1984/10/01

Azucena (1984) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Televisión. María Antonieta Gómez and Édgar Mejías... more →

Cristal - 1985/07/01

This is one Venezuelan telenovela that achieved considerable success both in Venezuela and outside the country as well. It ran for 246 episodes and was a... more →

Las Amazonas - 1985/04/30

How far will one man be prepared to go to achieve his ultimate goal of power? How much will one man manipulate those around him and even his own family in... more →

Cuna de Lobos - 1986/03/01

A story of good and evil, Cuna de Lobos revolves around the lives of the Larios family. When Carlos Larios, the head of a prominent pharmaceutical company... more →

La Dama de Rosa - 1986/05/01

Revenge is sweet and the revenge of a woman who has been wronged is perhaps the sweetest of all. But what lengths will a woman go to for that revenge?
... more →

La Intrusa - 1987/08/01

What would you do if you wanted your freedom but couldn’t have it until you find someone who looks exactly like you? Perhaps you would be prepared to do... more →

Rosa Salvaje - 1987/05/01

Rosa salvaje ("Wild Rose" or "Wild Rosa") is a Mexican telenovela that was broadcasted in 1987. It starred the popular Mexican actress Verónica Castro, who... more →

Vale Tudo - 1988/05/16

Maria de Fatima Accioly is ambitious to a fault. In her quest to be rich and powerful, she sells her family’s house and moves to Rio de Janeiro. While... more →

Abigail - 1988/12/01

Abigail (1988-1989) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Televisión. It was written by Elizabeth Alezard,... more →

Señora - 1988/06/01

The law in this country is strict and harsh and a minor offence leads to a sentence of five years in prison for Eugenia. She knows who is responsible for the... more →

El Pecado de Oyuki - 1988/03/01

Set in historical 19th century Japan, this telenovela tells the story of a young woman named Oyuki. Forced into a world of oppression by her own brother,... more →

Teresa - 1989/01/01

N/A more →

Fabiola - 1989/07/01

Fabiola and her family suffer the disgrace of passing from a very wealthy life to that of total poverty, after her father’s death. Doing translations and... more →

Rubí Rebelde - 1989/02/01

A young girl who has been abandoned and exploited in the slums seeks to escape from her environment. As she tries to find a way of escaping the slums a minor... more →

La Revancha - 1989/04/01

The sins of a wicked and greedy father come back to destroy the life of his son in this story or wickedness and revenge. Fernando takes control of a... more →

Amanda Sabater - 1989/03/01

Venezuela's Radio Caracas Televisión. It was written by Ibsen Martínez and Salvador Garmendia. Maria Auxiliadora Barrios and Raul Licausi were its... more →


Adorable Monica - 1990/10/24

Adorable Monica was produced in Venezuela in 1990 and ran for 211 episodes; it was also distributed internationally

Monica is a poor farm girl... more →

Carmen Querida - 1990/03/01

Dear Carmen takes us into the close world of a family that includes three women who are blood relatives. Not only do they come from the same family but they... more →

Pasionaria - 1990/09/01

Two worlds collide in a storm of intense passion where principles, beliefs and personal feelings are stirred in a bubbling cauldron. Barbara Santana is a... more →

Caribe - 1990/09/10

Caribe is a small island in the Atlantic inhabited by a hardworking and gentle people. Sadly they are oppressed and under the rule of a husband and wife.... more →

Muchachitas - 1991/05/01

Muchachitas is a Mexican telenovela produced for Televisa by Emilio Larrosa who also wrote the script during 1991 and 1992. The telenovela was also shown on... more →

Ines Duarte, Secretaria - 1991/01/01

Ines is the perfect secretary that every executive dreams of. She is intelligent, efficient and entirely dependable … and she is also drab and... more →

Kassandra - 1991/09/29

Kassandra is a beautiful gypsy maiden who thinks that fortune has smiled on her when she marries into a wealthy family. Unfortunately that is far from the... more →

Mundo de Fieras - 1991/08/01

Irresponsible parenthood brings many consequences as people in today’s world are finding out. In this story we see an explosive triangle develop around... more →

Bellísima - 1991/03/01

Bellisima (1991-1992) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venevisión. This telenovela lasted 187 episodes and was distributed... more →

El Desprecio - 1991/03/01

El Desprecio is based on two distinct storylines. The first focuses on a young woman, her struggles, misfortunes, loneliness, loves, happiness, sadness and... more →

Por Estas Calles - 1992/03/02

Through These Streets is the English translation of the title for this telenovela. Through these streets there are many stories to find and follow and many... more →

Cara Sucia - 1992/01/01

Cara Sucia is yet another tale of mismatched love set against the hustle and bustle of Caracas. The hero is a member of the rich elite while the heroine is a... more →

María Mercedes - 1992/07/01

María Mercedes was a Mexican telenovela directed by Beatriz Sheridan and starring Thalía as Maria Mercedes Muñoz. more →

Dos Mujeres, un Camino - 1993/09/14

Juan “Johnny” Villegas is a man with a history. He transports merchandise from Mexico to the United States, embarking on adventures that often bring him... more →

Corazón Salvaje - 1993/10/01

Juan del Diablo grew up a savage on the beaches of San Pedro, abused by the man who raised him because he was the bastard of his wife and the wealthy... more →

Dulce Ilusión - 1993/03/01

This is a modern day version of Cinderella and her Prince Charming set in a tropical paradise.

Maria is born into the tropical paradise that... more →

Por Amarte Tanto - 1993/01/01

Laura is a beautiful young woman who is the heiress to a fortune worth billions of dollars. Yet all that money has only caused her pain and heartache and she... more →

De Oro Puro - 1993/03/01

From Pure Gold combines the legends and fables of the past with the present time. Magic and legends come together with the present as one man confronts the... more →

Café, con aroma de mujer - 1993/11/30

Created by Fernando Gaitan, Café con Aroma de Mujer was extremely popular for its storyline, as well as its scenery. The telenovela was shot in multiple... more →

Volver a Empezar - 1994/05/01

Starring Mexican diva Yuri as Reni, Puerto Rican singing legend Chayanne as himself, Carlos Miguel as Poncho and Pilar Montenegro as Jessica. Reni is a 20... more →

Pura Sangre - 1994/01/01

The seemingly endless life and death struggle between two wealthy farming families is the backdrop to this wild tale of passion, hatred and violence as each... more →

Marimar - 1994/01/01

Marimar is a Mexican telenovela that was originally broadcasted in 1994 on Televisa. Marimar is a remake of the telenovela “La Venganza”, which aired on... more →

Peligrosa - 1994/04/01

Love can sometimes be a trap from which there is simply no escape. That is the message behind the plot in this telenovela and the plot revolves around... more →

Alejandra - 1994/07/10

Alejandra is a beautiful woman who has dedicated her life to the medical profession in an effort to rise above her tormented, humble beginnings and prove to... more →

El Desafío - 1994/08/01

In a grand hacienda, near a coastal region surrounded by spectacular beaches, springs a story of love that is as willful and strong as its heroes... a story... more →

Amores de Fin de Siglo - 1995/03/01

Amores de Fin de Siglo (1995) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Televisión. It was written by Leonardo... more →

Ka Ina - 1995/04/01

Ka Ina is the tale of a triangle of love that is also linked by superstition and magic. Catalina is a beautiful educated woman; Manina is also beautiful and... more →

Chiquititas - 1995/08/07

Chiquititas, which means “Tiny Angels” in English, focuses on the lives of a group of orphans. The young children reside in an orphanage in Buenos... more →

María la del Barrio - 1995/06/01

This is a twisted tale of intra-family rivalry and passion that revolves around Maria Hernandez. At 15 she is orphaned but the head of a wealthy family takes... more →

Dulce Enemiga - 2005/01/01

For the beautiful Victoria Andueza, love and hate will intermingle until she is no longer able to tell them apart as circumstances force her to become the... more →

Ilusiones - 1995/04/01

Illusions is the story of two people who are attracted despite the fact that they come from completely different social and economic backgrounds. Marisol is... more →

Pecado de Amor - 1995/01/01

Things hidden in the past are suddenly exposed in a tale that twists and turns through numerous interpersonal relationships. The birth of an illegitimate... more →

Lazos de Amor - 1996/05/01

The story centers on María Guadalupe, María Paula and María Fernanda, identical triplets (all played by Lucero) with non-identical, complex personalities.... more →

Nada Personal - 1996/05/20

Nada personal is a Mexican telenovela, which was broadcasted in 1996. It was the first produced by Argos Comunicación for TV Azteca and began on May 20 of... more →

Como Tú, Ninguna - 1996/03/01

The title of this 1996 drama translates into Like You, No One. It tells the story of a poor young woman who finds that dreams can come true when she marries... more →

La Inolvidable - 1996/03/01

Step back in time to 1935 and an era when traveling circuses were major attractions in small country towns. Such a traveling show has arrived and the main... more →

Volver a Vivir - 1996/01/01

When Carmen discovers that her husband is a typical womanizer she feels compelled to find a new direction in her life. For over nine years she has lived the... more →

Sol de Tentación - 1996/05/01

Love and hate, power and poverty combine in a rich and passionate tale of Sol, a beautiful young girl who finds love and then loses it only to regain it... more →

Por Amor - 1997/10/06

When her family is virtually ruined, Azucena Garcia is forced to move to Bogota, Columbia. In order to survive, she begins working for the Rivero Del... more →

Mirada de mujer - 1997/06/05

A woman stops in front of a mirror, she questions herself, inquires into the traces that her eyes have become, and what she sees paralyzes her. The reflex on... more →

Contra Viento y Marea - 1997/02/17

For Daniela Borges, true love was lost almost twenty years ago, when a violent tragedy separated her from Sebastian Leon. She has now been married for 18... more →

Maria de los Angeles - 1997/04/01

Two children who dare to defy destiny make a pact to remain together forever. In keeping that pact they will face many challenges. Perhaps the biggest... more →

El Pais de las Mujeres - 1998/01/01

On the day that Arcadia Gomez summons her five nieces to inform them that she will soon be dead, she receives a surprise of devastating proportions: all of... more →

Samantha - 1998/08/01

For Samantha, a beautiful and wild peasant, love literally falls from the sky. It comes packaged in a small plane that crashes near where she is searching... more →

La Usurpadora - 1998/01/04

La Usurpadora is a story of family, identity, and betrayal. The plot revolves around twin sisters Paulina and Paola. Paulina is, gentle, and compassionate,... more →

Muñeca Brava - 1998/11/16

Muñeca Brava is the story of an exuberant, beautiful young woman with a thirst for life. Abandoned by her mother when she was just a baby, Milagros was... more →

Cosas del Amor - 1998/03/21

Cosas Del Amor is the story of star-crossed lovers. When prominent businessman Leonardo Castro Iglesias learns that his daughter, Valeria, has fallen in... more →

La Mentira - 1998/10/01

A story of family, love, and deceit, La Mentira tells the story of Demitrio Azunsolo. When the handsome Demitrio goes searching for his half-brother,... more →

Aunque me Cueste la Vida - 1998/03/22

Aunque me Cueste la Vida (Though It Might Cost Me My Life) is a 1998 Venezuelan telenovela produced by Radio Caracas Televisión. It was written by José... more →

Soñadoras - 1998/08/24

Soñadoras is a Mexican telenovela, which was produced by and broadcasted on Televisa in 1998.

This Mexican novela has the same character and... more →

Azul Tequila - 1998/09/01

Azul Tequila is a Mexican telenovela. The 80-episode serial was produced for TV Azteca by the celebrity couple Christian Bach and Humberto Zurita in... more →

Hoy te Vi - 1998/08/03

The innocence of youth is at the core of the plot of this telenovela. Five young pop musicians live for the music that they create and we follow them as they... more →

Niña Mimada - 1998/06/01

Patricia is a pampered and spoilt child who grows to become a beautiful woman. She knows how she wants her future to unfold but when financial ruin faces her... more →

Reina de Corazones - 1998/06/01

Marlene Paez is a beautiful woman who has one goal in life. She is determined to become a famous international model and she is prepared for whatever it... more →

Terra Nostra - 1999/09/20

Set in the late 1800s, Terra Nostra is a telenovela about love and culture. Terra Nostra pinpoints an important time in history when Brazilian slaves were... more →

Carita Pintada - 1999/08/25

A beautiful woman – Aurora - who was abandoned on the steps of a church at birth is the centre of this twisted tale of deception, jealousy and danger. Her... more →

Me Llaman Lolita - 1999/11/21

Me Llaman Lolita is a story of forbidden love. For as long as she can remember, Lolita Rengifo has been in love with Esteban Buenahora. Lolita is a child,... more →

Yo soy Betty, la Fea - 1999/10/25

Betty Pinzón Solano is brilliant, ambitious, and kind-hearted. Unfortunately, Betty’s virtues often go unnoticed in world obsessed with appearances.... more →

Mujer Secreta - 1999/06/02

This is the story of Eugenia a gentle and loving woman who faces adversity and allows you to look deep into her soul. She is married to a violent man who... more →

Girasoles para Lucía - 1999/10/18

Beautiful and exuberant, Lucía Trevi is a dreamer who loves to imagine her future. After spending her days and nights dreaming about the charming young... more →

Rosalinda - 1999/04/11

Rosalinda is a pretty 20-year-old girl who sells flowers and decorates a fancy restaurant. One day, she meets Fernando Jose, a man of high social status. He... more →

Calypso - 1999/12/01

Calypso is a picturesque and prosperous Caribbean island that, on the day of San Salvador -patron saint of the island- crowns the queen of the festivities,... more →

Luisa Fernanda - 2007/08/13

The young rarely understand that there are consequences for every action. They don’t see that when you play emotional games with others those consequences... more →


Hechizo de Amor - 2000/04/05

Love Spell is the story of two beautiful women. Ligia Valderrama is a beautiful and spoiled daughter of a wealthy family who live in the capital. But there... more →

Hay Amores Que Matan - 2000/03/15

In 1975, three young reporters and a priest are investigating criminal acts tied to Gumersindo Montenegro – a rising politician with a bright future. His... more →

Maria Rosa, Búscame una Esposa - 2000/01/08

Of all the assignments given to Maria Rosa Garcia by her boss in the many years they have worked together, the most difficult one comes when he tells her:... more →

O Clone - 2001/10/01

O Clone is the story of star-crossed lovers Lucas and Jade. While Lucas is the son of a powerful Brazilian businessman, Jade is the daughter of very... more →

Pedro el Escamoso - 2001/12/03

Pedro el Escamoso is the story of Pedro Coral Tavera. Pedro is a hapless womanizer who is searching for wealth and prosperity. When Pedro experiences some... more →

Amigas y Rivales - 2001/07/30

The plot of Amigas y Rivales revolves around the exciting lives of four young women from different walks of life. Laura is a hardworking college student who... more →

Mas que Amor... Frenesi - 2001/01/20

Ordinary people leading ordinary lives … just like you and me … come to live in this story. We share life’s experiences with a group of men and women... more →

Felina - 2001/03/01

Daniela is a beautiful young woman, whose justice seeking personality got her into trouble since childhood, specially with the authorities in her hometown,... more →

Rebelde Way - 2002/05/27

The plot of Rebelde Way revolves around a group of wealthy adolescents at Elite Way School. Only the most privileged children find themselves at the... more →

Son Amores - 2002/01/28

Son Amores is a story of family and intimacy. Roberto Sanchez, a single football referee, lives alone in a suburb of Buenos Aires. He enjoys his solitude... more →

Gata Salvaje - 2002/05/16

Gata Salvaje was a telenovela which aired first on Venevisión in Venezuela on May 16, 2002 and some days later was released on the Spanish station Univision... more →

Las Gonzalez - 2002/08/07

This story is set in a flower shop in a bustling city. Despite being in such a city this flower shop is situated in one of those streets where real people... more →

Juana la Virgen - 2002/02/05

One simple mistake in a hospital has far-reaching implications for a young girl and her family. The mistake means that 17 year old Juana is artificially... more →

Mi Gorda Bella - 2002/07/19

This is the story of Valentina, a young woman who fights for justice and love both for herself and those around her. Because she is overweight she cannot... more →

Clase 406 - 2002/01/01

First part: The central figure of Class 406 is Francisco Romero, a high school teacher who has just arrived to Mexico City. In the daily coexistence with his... more →

Resistiré - 2003/01/13

When Diego Moran’s girlfriend leaves him, breaking his heart and stealing his possessions, he thinks that he might never love again. But then he meets... more →

Cosita Rica - 2003/04/01

In English the title translates as Beautiful Girl and that refers to Paula. She is the prettiest girl in the neighborhood and she dreams of becoming a... more →

Pasión de Gavilanes - 2003/10/21

A story of passion and family loyalty, Pasión de Gavilanes revolves around the lives of the Reyes brothers. Juan, Franco, and Oscar place family above all... more →

Machos - 2003/03/03

Machos revolves around the lives of the Mercader family. Ángel Mercader, a prominent doctor from Viña del Mar, has devoted his life to teaching his seven... more →

Bésame Tonto - 2003/10/01

Besame Tonto is the story of a young woman who ignores the fact that she grew in a mafia family and that she is adopted. Her adoptive father is an Italian... more →

Floricienta - 2004/03/15

Loosely based on Cinderella, as well as The Sound of Music, Floricienta is the whimsical story of a young woman named Flor. When Flor finds herself caught... more →

La Saga: Negocio de Familia - 2004/09/20

La Saga: Negocia de Familia is a story of love, family, and betrayal. The plot revolves around the Manriques, a family entrenched in Bogota’s seedy... more →

Gitanas - 2004/07/27

The telenovela tells the story of Maria Salomé, a young and stunning gypsy woman, played by Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera, who falls in love with a... more →

Rebelde - 2004/03/21

Rebelde ("rebel" or "rebellious") is a Mexican telenovela (soap opera) produced by Televisa. It is a remake of an Argentine telenovela Rebelde Way adapted... more →

Rubí - 2004/09/20

Rubí ("Ruby") is a Mexican telenovela that aired on Televisa in 2004. The plot is based on the story by Yolanda Vargas Dulché and the telenovela that aired... more →

Padre Coraje - 2004/03/08

When Coraje, a young idealist, sets out on a journey to La Cruz, his life is forever changed. Coraje and his friends come across Father John, a priest who... more →

Escrava Isaura - 2004/07/30

Set in mid-nineteenth century Rio de Janeiro, Escrava Isaura is the story of a strong young woman named Isaura. As the daughter of the Commander’s... more →

La Mujer en el Espejo - 2004/03/08

The Woman in the Mirror is the story of an ugly duckling. Juliana is the unattractive daughter of a onetime fashion model who has great difficulty in... more →

Amor Real - 2004/10/24

Amor Real is a period telenovela which is set in 19th century Mexico. A story of romance and duplicity, the plot revolves around two star-crossed lovers,... more →

Los Roldán - 2004/02/02

A successful Argentinean comedy, Las Roldán revolves around the life of Tito Roldán. During a mundane fishing trip, the modest Tito saves an elderly woman... more →

Eva del Edén - 2004/09/13

Eva del Edén is a mystical blend of history, drama, and romance. Set in the 1540s in Lima, Peru, the show pinpoints a key moment in South American history... more →

Piel de Otoño - 2004/06/28

Piel de otoño is a Mexican telenovela, which was produced by and broadcasted on Televisa in 2004. It was also broadcasted later that year in the United... more →

Los Reyes - 2005/06/12

A successful Columbian comedy, Los Reyes revolves around the life of Berto Reyes. In a twist of fate that changes his life, the modest Berto saves a woman... more →

Alborada - 2005/12/12

The plot of Alborada revolves around the beautiful Mary Hipólita Diaz, a young Mexican woman. Mary was separated from her parents as a child, and went to... more →

Barrera de Amor - 2005/03/25

Barrera de Amor is a story of friendship, love, and betrayal. The plot focuses on the beautiful Maria Teresa “Mayte” Galvan. When her mother died and... more →

La Madrastra - 2005/03/01

A terrible tragedy puts an end to a group of friends' pleasure voyage. Maria hears a gunshot, and finds her friend Patricia dead, and, within her confusion,... more →

Soñar no Cuesta Nada - 2005/05/23

Emilia Olivares finds that changing from a penniless immigrant to a millionaire does not give her the happiness she was expecting. She makes the... more →

Alma Gêmea - 2007/07/30

Everyone in Roseiral has a secret, even if they don’t know it yet. Mysterious and beautiful, the town is inhabited by a slew of fascinating characters,... more →

Decisiones - 2005/11/11

Decisiones is a sexy telenovela hosted by Candela Ferro. The story lines of Decisiones deal mainly with modern day intimacy and relationship issues. The... more →

Amores Cruzados - 2006/04/12

Amores Cruzados is the story of identity and secrets. The plot focuses on the lives of four young protagonists: Alejandro, Diego, Maria, and Elisa. The... more →

Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso - 2006/07/07

Sin Tetas No Hay Paraíso is a story of dreams and desperation. The plot revolves around Catalina, a 17-year old girl who hopes one day to live a life of... more →

La Fea Más Bella - 2006/01/23

La Fea Más Bella is based on the popular Columbian telenovela Betty La Fea. Lety is brilliant, ambitious, and kind-hearted. Unfortunately, Lety’s... more →

Código Postal - 2006/05/22

This program is best described as the Mexican version of Beverly Hills 90210. It features beauty and youth and revolves around a group of young people who... more →

Floribella - 2006/10/11

A whimsical Chilean drama, Floribella was created by Cris Morena as a remake of the successful Argentinean telenovela, Floricienta. A modern day Cinderella,... more →

Zorro: La Espada y la Rosa - 2007/02/12

Loosely based on the popular 1950s television series, Zorro, this telenovela is packed with action, adventure, and romance. Don Diego de la Vega is an... more →

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