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Volver a Vivir (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Volver a Vivir (1996-1997)

Title Translation
Living Again
César Bolívar
Luis Manzo
Fausto Verdial
Release Date
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January 1 1996

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

When Carmen discovers that her husband is a typical womanizer she feels compelled to find a new direction in her life. For over nine years she has lived the life of a housewife and has never pursued any form of personal career. But now things must change and Carmen may not be able to cope with those changes.

She turns to her parents for help but they live in the past. Carmen’s siblings are no help either for they have their own problems to deal with. Finally Carmen finds some help from her best friend. She has experienced a life similar to Carmen’s but she has gone on to develop her own very successful business.

Perhaps the hidden moral of this story is that many people have the chance to change their situation in life but few actually take the time to make the changes that are necessary.


  • Alberto Alifa ... Doctor
  • Beatriz Valdes ... Libertad
  • Bettina Grand ... Lily Garzon
  • Carlos Camara Jr. ... Miguel Angel Bernal
  • Carlota Sosa ... Miranda Kowalsky
  • More...

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Volver a Vivir Forum

Volver a Vivir Forum

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