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Vale Tudo (Brazil, Portuguese) - Telenovelas

Vale Tudo (1988-1988)

Title Translation
Anything Goes
Denis Carvalho
Ricardo Waddington
Leonor Bassères
Gilberto Braga
Aguinaldo Silva
Release Date
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May 16 1988
Drama, Romance, Family

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Maria de Fatima Accioly is ambitious to a fault. In her quest to be rich and powerful, she sells her family’s house and moves to Rio de Janeiro. While her mother remains homeless and penniless, alone in the country, Fatima seeks a glamorous modeling career in the city. Here, Fatima encounters the villainous Cesar. Meanwhile, Fatima’s mother, Raquel, decides to travel to the big city and find her daughter. While Fatima uses trickery and deception to get ahead, the modest Raquel refuses to compromise her integrity. When both women find themselves caught up in the lives of the illustrious Roitman family, there lives take a dramatic twist. Entangled in a web of love and lies, Fatima and Raquel learn lessons in love, honor, and relationships.


  • Adriano Reys ... Renato Filipelli
  • Ana Lúcia Monteiro ... Marina
  • Antônio Fagundes ... Ivan Meireles
  • Beatriz Segall ... Odete Roitman
  • Bia Seidl ... Marília
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Misc Notes and Facts

The show's last episode was watched by 86% of all TV viewers in Brazil (January 1989).

Vale Tudo Forum

Vale Tudo Forum

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