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Son Amores (Argentina, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Son Amores (2002-2003)

Title Translation
Rodolfo Antúnez
Lucas Ruiz Barrera
Adrián Suar
Jorge Maestro
Ernesto Korovsky
Jorge Leyes
Marcela Guerty
Marcela Citterio
Constanza Novik
Victoria Crespo
Jessica Valls
Release Date
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January 28 2002
Comedy, Romance

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Son Amores is a story of family and intimacy. Roberto Sanchez, a single football referee, lives alone in a suburb of Buenos Aires. He enjoys his solitude until his two nephews, Martin and Pablo arrive unexpectedly. When Roberto takes the two young men in, he realizes that he may not have enjoyed his solitude as much as he thought he did. They have their ups and downs, but the men ultimately develop unbreakable familial bonds. They also experience passion and romance as the telenovela focuses on love and relationships. Through their rivalries, petty quarrels, hilarious conflicts, and heartbreaks, Roberto, Martin, and Pablo are there for one another as members of a nontraditional, yet supportive family.


  • Adrián Suar ... Tomás
  • Agustina Cherri ... Anita
  • Alejandra Darín ... Helena
  • Ariel Navarro ... N/A
  • Atilio Pozzobon ... Aldo Vallejos
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Son Amores Forum

Son Amores Forum

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