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Rubí Rebelde (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Rubí Rebelde (1989-1989)

Title Translation
Rebel Ruby
Renato Gutiérrez
Perla Farias
María Antonieta Gómez
Boris Izaguirre
Carlos Romero
Release Date
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February 1 1989

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

A young girl who has been abandoned and exploited in the slums seeks to escape from her environment. As she tries to find a way of escaping the slums a minor accident brings her together with Victor … a young man from the better side of town.

For Rubi this could be the escape that she craves but she may merely be exchanging one bleak future for another. Victor’s family is a seething mass of secret ambitions and bitterness and Rubi is drawn into it all. Once inside the family she finds that she is despised by Victor’s mother and adored by his grandmother.

This only serves to add more drama and intrigue for the grandmother is the one who controls the wealth and she makes Rubi her heir. Suddenly poor Rubi is a very rich young woman and now she must fight to survive as some in the family look for ways to rid themselves of this intruder.

Rubi is now in a situation that she does not understand and yet she must learn fast if she is to overcome those who would oppose her.


  • Adelaida Mora ... Virginia
  • Adolfo Cubas ... Nelson
  • Alejandro Delgado ... Reynaldo Itturralde
  • Carlota Sosa ... Carmela
  • Carolina Perpetuo ... Ana María
  • More...

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Rubí Rebelde Forum

Rubí Rebelde Forum

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