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Reina de Corazones (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Reina de Corazones (1998-1998)

Title Translation
Queen of Hearts
Nicolás Di Blasi
Tony Rodrígues
Humberto 'Kiko' Olivieri
Marco Tulio Socorro
Release Date
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June 1 1998
Drama, Romance

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Marlene Paez is a beautiful woman who has one goal in life. She is determined to become a famous international model and she is prepared for whatever it might cost her. And it does cost her a lot in pain and misery that culminates in a return to her hometown just as she reaches the pinnacle of her career.

When Marlene arrives back in her hometown it seems that by shedding a tear she ends a terrible drought and the local townspeople feel that she has performed a miracle. It is also while Marlene is back in her hometown that she discovers a love has been rekindled for a man from her past. Sadly though, guilt over the death of her parents has made him become a priest.

But his future lies outside the priesthood and soon their love can blossom openly. Together they can work to save the town from a dark and terrible future and their love continues to grow.


  • Alberto Alifa ... Father Barrientos
  • Albi De Abreu ... Federico
  • Amalia Perez Diaz ... Solvencia
  • Beatriz Valdes ... Salomé de Santos
  • Carlos Guillermo Haydon ... Adriano Vicentelli
  • More...

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Reina de Corazones Forum

Reina de Corazones Forum

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