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Por Amarte Tanto (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Por Amarte Tanto (1993-1993)

Title Translation
For Loving You So Much
José A. Ferrara
Carlos Izquierdo
Édgar Liendo
Arquímedes Rivero
Gabriel Walfenzao
Elizabeth Alezard
Gabriela Domínguez
Vivel Nouel
Valentina Párraga
Luis Zelkowicz
Release Date
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January 1 1993

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Laura is a beautiful young woman who is the heiress to a fortune worth billions of dollars. Yet all that money has only caused her pain and heartache and she hopes that one day she will find pure and sincere love.

Unfortunately for Laura then next man to try and win her heart is a leech. All he wants her for is her money and the financial security that can give him. His dream has always been to find a rich and beautiful heiress and Laura is the girl he chooses as a target.

At the same time as he tries to win Laura’s heart he is also having an affair with Laura’s wild and dangerous cousin. He cannot give up his pursuit of money and he cannot live without the cousin for whom he as an all-consuming passion.

This telenovela follows the wild and stormy love triangle as it writhes and twists under the pressure of so much passion.


  • Carolina Cristancho ... Damiana
  • Javier Vidal ... Javier
  • Jean Carlos Simancas ... Luis Arturo Ramirez
  • Raul Amundaray ... Gregorio Velasquez
  • Viviana Gibelli ... Laura Velasquez
  • More...

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Por Amarte Tanto Forum

Por Amarte Tanto Forum

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