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Peligrosa (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Peligrosa (1994-1995)

Title Translation
Arquímedes Rivero
Alberto Gómez
Vivel Nouel
Release Date
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April 1 1994
Drama, Romance

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Love can sometimes be a trap from which there is simply no escape. That is the message behind the plot in this telenovela and the plot revolves around Elisa.

Elisa is a beautiful young girl from a very poor background. Circumstances have forced her to survive by being a pickpocket and when a rich man catches her trying to pick his pocket both she and the rich man are locked onto a path that could easily destroy them both.

He realizes that she could be an invaluable tool for him to use against someone that has wronged him. So he turns the beautiful woman from a cheap pickpocket into an elegant and refined lady and turns her loose on his enemy.

When the time is right he thinks nothing of unmasking her and ruining her life but the relationship that has formed between them is now a trap that won’t let them separate. The conclusion will leave you stunned.


  • Azabache ... Manzura
  • Daniel Alvarado ... Gavilan
  • Denise Novell ... La Gata
  • Elizabeth Morales ... Jessica
  • Emma Rabbe ... Clementina
  • More...

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Peligrosa Forum

Peligrosa Forum

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