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Pecado de Amor (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Pecado de Amor (1995-1996)

Title Translation
Love Sin
Marcos Reyes Andrade
Arquímedes Rivero
José Luis Contreras
Freddy Salvador Hernández
Mariela Romero
Release Date
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January 1 1995

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Things hidden in the past are suddenly exposed in a tale that twists and turns through numerous interpersonal relationships. The birth of an illegitimate child destroys a family and sets a train of events in motion that will continue to have repercussions for years to come.

Love and friendship are at the core of this story as babies are born and abandoned, friends fall out and become bitter enemies. The people involved in this tale will feel emotional pain and suffering as each has their high and low points revealed. It may seem that this story is overly melodramatic but it deals with human emotion and there are no limits to the heights or depths that such emotion can take people.

Yet through it all the fact that love and friendship can overcome all obstacles is clear for everyone to see. Look into this telenovela and it will be as if you are looking at the world around you for what you see here is what you will see and experience in the real world.

This telenovela ran for 325 episodes and is the longest running telenovela that the Venevision studio has ever made.


  • Adolfo Cubas ... N/A
  • Aitor Gaviria ... N/A
  • Alexis Escamez ... N/A
  • Alfonso Medina ... N/A
  • Amanda Gutiérrez ... Consuelo Sánchez
  • More...

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Pecado de Amor Forum

Pecado de Amor Forum

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