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Niña Mimada (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Niña Mimada (1998-1998)

Title Translation
Spoiled Girl
José Alcalde
Valentina Párraga
Release Date
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June 1 1998
Drama, Comedy

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Patricia is a pampered and spoilt child who grows to become a beautiful woman. She knows how she wants her future to unfold but when financial ruin faces her family he is forced to change her plans.

Instead of doing what she wants to do Patricia is forced to marry a man she despises and who has absolutely no attraction for her. By marrying him though her family’s fortune will be saved and she agrees to do what she considers to be her duty.

But life with her husband is unbearable and finally she escapes from her husband. While she is fleeing she meets a handsome man who prefers the simple things in life. That is something that Patricia is not accustomed to but her new friend begins to show her the beauty that lies in simplicity and soon they become lovers.

True happiness is not yet in their grasp for there many trials to overcome and a hidden past that will come back to haunt them.


  • Alba Roversi ... Natalia Jorda
  • Alejandra Salomon ... Afrodita del Carmen
  • Carlos Camara Jr. ... Joaquin Iriarte
  • Dora Mazzone ... Rosalia
  • Eileen Abad ... Patricia Echegaray
  • More...

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Niña Mimada Forum

Niña Mimada Forum

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