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Mujer Secreta (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Mujer Secreta (1999-1999)

Title Translation
Secret Woman
José Alcalde
Nicolás Di Blasi
Alidha Ávila
Ezequiel Borges
Sandra Caula
Josefina Jordan
José Manuel Peláez
Release Date
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June 2 1999

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

This is the story of Eugenia a gentle and loving woman who faces adversity and allows you to look deep into her soul. She is married to a violent man who terrifies her with his brutality … yet she understands what makes him the man he is.

She feels responsible for his failures despite the fact that it has been his mother who has had the greatest impact on his life. Eugenia would love to escape from her life with her husband but realizes that all she would be doing is exchanging one prison for another. Even so there is the temptation to go for there is another man in her life.

This other man treats Eugenia in a totally different way to how her husband treats her. When she is with her lover she feels safe and protected but she is also plagued with guilt for she knows their union is forbidden. Perhaps one day she will be able to experience the love and care she longs for.


  • Aitor Gaviria ... Asdrubal España
  • Alba Roversi ... Esperanza Salvat
  • Alejo Felipe ... Horacio Santana
  • Alfonso Medina ... Marcos Romero
  • Ambar Diaz ... Yuraima
  • More...

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Mujer Secreta Forum

Mujer Secreta Forum

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