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Maria de los Angeles (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Maria de los Angeles (1997-1997)

Title Translation
Maria de los Angeles
Olegario Barrera
Laura Bollonio
Constantino Estévez
Manuel González
Julio César Marmol
Mélida Mármol
Release Date
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April 1 1997
Drama, Romance

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Two children who dare to defy destiny make a pact to remain together forever. In keeping that pact they will face many challenges. Perhaps the biggest challenge of all will be their own turbulent relationship.

One of them – Orquidea – is the stepdaughter of a wealthy landowner. The other – Radames – comes from the street and so Orquidea’s parents are completely against any relationship the two might have. When Orquidea believes that Radames has been unfaithful to her she agrees to a marriage arranged by her parents and also seeks revenge on Radames.

And from there the story descends into a twisted tale of Orquidea’s hatred for anyone from the street. The focus of that hatred settles on a poor girl and her struggle to recover her inheritance that Orquidea now controls.


  • Alba Roversi ... Orquidea Cordoba Escalante
  • Alberto Rowinsky ... Vladimir Arevelo
  • Carlos Cruz ... Hector
  • Crisol Carabal ... Alba Griselda
  • Dora Mazzone ... Salome
  • More...

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Maria de los Angeles Forum

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