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Los Roldán (Argentina, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Los Roldán (2004-2005)

Title Translation
The Roldans
Jorge Montero
Eduardo Ripari
Diego Suárez
Marcelo Tinelli
Adriana Lorenzón
Bruno Luciani
Marcelo Nacci
Mario Schajris
Javier van de Couter
Belén Wedeltoft
Release Date
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February 2 2004

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

A successful Argentinean comedy, Las Roldán revolves around the life of Tito Roldán. During a mundane fishing trip, the modest Tito saves an elderly woman from committing suicide. As it turns out, the woman Tito saves is a prominent businesswoman named Mercedes Lozada. As an expression of her gratitude, Mercedes rewards Tito by making him the president of her company and giving him her fabulous mansion. Fortune has smiled upon Tito, but his new life brings trouble as well. Emilio Uriarte, Tito’s new neighbor and nemesis, is outraged that Tito is president of the company. The Roldáns and the Uriartes feud, but they also carry on secret love affairs with one another, including an adulterous relationship between Emilio and Tito’s sister Laiza Roldán—who used to be a man. Tito hopes to find love as well, but with all his problems, he wonders if his newfound wealth is a blessing or a curse.


  • Andrea Bonelli ... Chichita Banegas
  • Andrea Frigerio ... Cecilia
  • Araceli Gonzalez ... Florencia
  • Arturo Bonin ... Patricio Arizmendi
  • Barbara Lombardo ... Pilar Mancini
  • More...

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Los Roldán Forum

Los Roldán Forum

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