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Las Amazonas (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Las Amazonas (1985-1985)

Title Translation
The Amazons
César Miguel Rondón
César Miguel Rondón
Release Date
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April 30 1985

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

How far will one man be prepared to go to achieve his ultimate goal of power? How much will one man manipulate those around him and even his own family in that quest for control?

It might be hard to believe that one man would think nothing of manipulating even his own daughters but that is precisely what Emiro Lizarraga will do to gain the power that he craves. He starts by cheating his own boss who has been more like a benefactor towards him than an employer.

When his boss dies Emiro thinks nothing of marrying the widow, not because he loves her but because of the power that she can give him. But that’s not enough for this evil man. He will think nothing of trying to use his own daughters for his own ends.

He tries to gain even more power by arranging their marriages but they refuse to cooperate. Despite all his attempts they find their own happiness and Las Amazonas is a story of passion and intrigue.


  • Alba Roversi ... N/A
  • Corina Azopardo ... N/A
  • Eduardo Serrano ... Rodrigo
  • Henry Galué ... N/A
  • Hilda Carrero ... Isabel Lizarraga
  • More...

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Las Amazonas Forum

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