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La Intrusa (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

La Intrusa (1987-1988)

Title Translation
The Intruder
Luis Alberto Lamata
Ana Mercedes Escámez
Inés Rodena
Release Date
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August 1 1987

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

What would you do if you wanted your freedom but couldn’t have it until you find someone who looks exactly like you? Perhaps you would be prepared to do what Estrella de Rossi does when she finds a poor village girl who is her exact double.

Estrella decides that this is the perfect time to take a year off and go out into the world and enjoy herself. While she’s doing that her double can take her place as a rich married woman. What Estrella fails to understand is that love can grow between two people and what Estrella left behind for just a year could be left behind forever.

Meanwhile her double has to contend with a family that is not hers and a growing love for a husband that is not hers. At the same time she has to deal with a company that is teetering on the verge of bankruptcy and above all there is the danger that she may be discovered.

It’s an unusual tale that will take you through many twists and turns before the climax is reached.


  • Carlos Camara Jr. ... Mario Rossi
  • Carlos Marquez ... Alexis Pereira
  • Carmen Julia Alvarez ... Ana Julia Rossi
  • Flavio Caballero ... Freddy
  • Franklin Virgüez ... Manuel Landaeta
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La Intrusa Forum

La Intrusa Forum

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