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La Inolvidable (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

La Inolvidable (1996-1996)

Title Translation
The Unforgettable
Tony Rodriguez
Rafael Suárez
Carlos González Vega
Manuel Mendoza
Sonia Nobre de Melo
Humberto 'Kiko' Olivieri
Marco Tulio Socorro
Release Date
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March 1 1996

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Step back in time to 1935 and an era when traveling circuses were major attractions in small country towns. Such a traveling show has arrived and the main attraction is Simon Leal, an escape artist, who is really no stranger to this town for he was born here.

Simon never knew his parents for they were murdered at the time of his birth but he is soon to find out a lot more about them and their murderer. Through a strange twist of fate the identity of the murderer was revealed on a movie taken at the time of the killing and hidden away until it is discovered by Simon.

He uses that movie as the basis of his own and without realizing what he is doing he casts the murderer’s own daughter as the lead actress and the director will be his son. Simon will also fall in love with the lead actress but her father, the murderer, is still alive and will do anything he can to stop Simon. Both the movie and the relationship that Simon is forming with his daughter must be destroyed at all costs.

The plot twists and turns as passion, love, hate and deceit all come into play and nothing is certain until Simon and his leading lady learn that there is no escape from true love.


  • Alberto Alifa ... Astolfo Aristizabal
  • Amalia Perez Diaz ... Leonor Calcaño
  • Cristina Gout ... Maria Teresa Montero
  • Dad Dager ... Azucena
  • Daniela Alvarado ... Virginia Calcaño
  • More...

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La Inolvidable Forum

La Inolvidable Forum

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