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La Dueña (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

La Dueña (1984-1985)

Title Translation
The Owner
Tomás López
José Ignacio Cabrujas
Alexandre Dumas père
Julio César Marmol
Release Date
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March 1 1984

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

We’re back in the turbulent times of 1928 and a failed coup leaves a wealthy man wounded and near death. He begs his mute servant to go in search of the Adriana, the daughter he has never seen. Once the servant finds her he is to hand over the documents that will make her the heir to a large fortune.

The search is long and difficult and there are many dead-ends along the way. The mother of the girl he searches for believes that she is dead. The girl herself does not know of her past history or who her parents really are.

Wealthy people with hidden agendas and powerful friends are anxious to prevent the servant from succeeding in his quest and then there is twisted love and raw passion to content with as well. Ultimately those that tried to prevent the servant from finding Adriana will be destroyed by someone they do not recognize.


  • Amanda Gutiérrez ... Adriana Rigores/Jimena
  • Ana Castell ... María Benita
  • Carlota Sosa ... María Consuelo
  • Daniel Alvarado ... Capt. Mauricio Lofriego
  • Héctor Mayerston ... Esteban Rigores
  • More...

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La Dueña Forum

La Dueña Forum

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  1. the dvd, posted on
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    Wednesday, March 21 2018 02:08 PM

    Author: bien225 from United States

    I would love to get this novella on dvd. can you tell me where to purchase it? I be very grateful. @bien225

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