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La Comadre (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

La Comadre (1979-1979)

Title Translation
My Child’s Godmother
José Ignacio Cabrujas (writer)
Román Chalbaud (writer)
Release Date
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March 1 1979

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

This is a story set in a wild period of history in South America when tyrants and local warlords ruled. It was during this time that ordinary people were downtrodden and treated as little more than slaves. At the heart of the story is the mistreatment of a simple girl from a remote mountain town and her struggle for survival.

Her story is set against a backdrop of the struggle for freedom by all the people and that struggle impacts directly on our heroine when she marries one of the oppressors. Her poor treatment is compounded when he rejects her after she falls pregnant. He claims that the child is not his and sends her back to her own family.

Even there she finds no love for they reject her too and she must struggle through the pregnancy with little or no help from others. Once the baby is born our heroine decides that it is time to leave the mountains and seek a new life in the capital.


  • Alberto Marín ... N/A
  • Carlos Márquez ... Esteban
  • Cecilia Villarreal ... Magdalena
  • Doris Wells ... Aurora
  • Miguel Ángel Landa ... Manuel
  • More...

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La Comadre Forum

La Comadre Forum

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