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Kassandra (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Kassandra (1991-1992)

Title Translation
Grazio D'Angelo
Olegario Barrera
Delia Fiallo
Release Date
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September 29 1991
Drama, Romance, Family

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Kassandra is a beautiful gypsy maiden who thinks that fortune has smiled on her when she marries into a wealthy family. Unfortunately that is far from the real situation for her husband is killed on their wedding night and she is blamed for the murder.

Viewers are kept riveted to their seats for 150 episodes as this beautiful young woman fights against the forces of evil to clear her name and find happiness. Her success is never assured for those evil forces pitted against her are almost too powerful for her to overcome.

This particular telenovela is famous for being the Spanish television series to air in the most number of countries. At last count it had been seen in 128 countries ranging from Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Russia right through to Indonesia and Italy.

Kassandra first aired in 1991 and it wasn’t long before it was appearing in those countries mentioned above. It was even listed in the Guiness Book of World Records.


  • Alexander Milic ... Matias Osorio
  • Carlos Arreaza ... Tomas
  • Carmencita Padron ... Ofelia Alonso
  • Cecilia Villarreal ... Gema Salazar
  • Coraima Torres ... Kassandra/Andreina Arocha
  • More...

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Kassandra Forum

Kassandra Forum

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