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Ines Duarte, Secretaria (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Ines Duarte, Secretaria (1991-1991)

Title Translation
Ines Duarte, Secretary
Ramon Tovar
Alicia Barrios
Release Date
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January 1 1991
Drama, Romance

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Ines is the perfect secretary that every executive dreams of. She is intelligent, efficient and entirely dependable … and she is also drab and insignificant. Her over-beating mother has instilled a sense of low self-esteem in Ines and she never thinks of herself as being attractive to men.

Despite that she falls in love with her boss … a millionaire who is trying to raise three young children on his own. He is too busy to notice that there is more to the way his secretary serves him than what he might expect from an efficient employee.

Ines will endure much as she seeks to do as much as possible for her employer. The trials she faces actually helps her grow out of her poor self-image and develop into the woman that her employer will actually be attracted to.

There is plenty of emotion and suspense as the plot unfolds.


  • Aidita Artigas ... N/A
  • Amanda Gutiérrez ... Ines Duarte
  • Asdrúbal Blanco ... David
  • Carolina Cristancho ... N/A
  • Carolina López ... N/A
  • More...

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Ines Duarte, Secretaria Forum

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