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Hoy te Vi (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Hoy te Vi (1998-1998)

Title Translation
I Saw You Today
Renato Gutiérrez
Luis Padilla
Renato Gutiérrez
Luis Padilla
Release Date
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August 3 1998
Romance, Family, Musical

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

The innocence of youth is at the core of the plot of this telenovela. Five young pop musicians live for the music that they create and we follow them as they seek fame and fortune in the pop music business.

Along with the five band members there are their five girlfriends who are there for their boyfriends every inch of the way. While they all are open-minded and want to trust and believe life is about to teach them some very nasty lessons.

They will learn that sometimes they have to compromise to achieve their goals. They’ll also learn that others may only want to use them as pawns in a bigger game and deception will hurt them.

Perhaps the biggest lesson they will learn is that the rich are not always good and the best riches often come from those with very little money. There will also be drama and passion as the young musicians discover the reality that is life.


  • Alejandro Loynaz ... Luis Guillermo Villanueva
  • Alejo Felipe ... Benito Castro Carras
  • Ambar Diaz ... Josefina 'Fefi' Serrano
  • Andreina De Sousa ... Karina Linares Urdaneta
  • Andy Rodriguez ... Jose 'Cheíto' Pereira Gómez
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Hoy te Vi Forum

Hoy te Vi Forum

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