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Girasoles para Lucía (Peru, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Girasoles para Lucía (1999-2000)

Title Translation
Sunflowers for Lucia
Luis Barrios
Aldo Salvini
Elsa Echeverría
Doris Seguí
Release Date
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October 18 1999
Drama, Romance

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Beautiful and exuberant, Lucía Trevi is a dreamer who loves to imagine her future. After spending her days and nights dreaming about the charming young businessman Jose Simon Landaeta, Lucía finally meets him by chance. The attraction is instant and the two become lovers. Their relationship, however, is based on deception. Jose Simón believes that Lucía is a countess, but she really works in a deli. Plagued by her guilt, Lucía must carry on a charade. Meanwhile, Lucía meets the handsome Roberto and falls in love again. But what Lucía doesn’t know is that Roberto has a secret of his own—he is a Landaeta! As she is faced with difficult decisions, Lucía must learn the lessons of love.


  • Alberto Isola ... Paolo Trevi
  • Ana María Jordan ... Aunt María Francisca Trevi
  • Daniela Sarfaty ... Verónica Landaeta Santa María
  • Fiorella Rodriguez ... Vilma Santa María
  • Gabriela Rivera ... Karina
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Girasoles para Lucía Forum

Girasoles para Lucía Forum

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