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Floricienta (Argentina, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Floricienta (2004-2005)

Title Translation
Martín Mariani
Cris Morena
Mauro Scandolari
Walter Ferreyra Ramos
Gabriela Fiore
Solange Keoleyan
Gloria Leguizamón
Norberto Lewin
Patricia Maldonado
Cris Morena
Release Date
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March 15 2004
Comedy, Romance, Family

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Loosely based on Cinderella, as well as The Sound of Music, Floricienta is the whimsical story of a young woman named Flor. When Flor finds herself caught up in the lives of the illustrious Fritzenwalden family, her life takes a dramatic twist. Flor falls in love with Federico, the handsome, conservative older brother of the Fritzenwalden children. Federico is drawn to Flor’s beauty and vivacity, but he is committed to his girlfriend, Delfina. While Flor’s love is pure, Delfina is manipulative and only loves Federico for his money. Caught in a vicious love triangle, Flor must follow her heart in order to find true love and happiness. Floricienta was originally intended as a show for children; however, it is a story of love and family, and can be enjoyed by all ages. The popularity of Floricienta also led to several remakes of the telenovela, including Brazilian and Chilean versions.


  • Agustin Sierra ... Martin Fritzenwalden
  • Alberto Anchart ... Antoine
  • Alejo García Pintos ... Evaristo
  • Ángeles Balbiani ... Sofia Santillán Torres-Oviedo
  • Benjamin Rojas ... Franco Fritzenwalden
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Floricienta Forum

Floricienta Forum

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