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Eva del Edén (Peru, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Eva del Edén (2004-2004)

Title Translation
Eve of Eden
Wilmer Gutierrez
Álvaro Mejía Salvatierra
Eduardo Adrianzén
Nena Bravo
Víctor Falcón
Michel Gomez
Jaime Nieto
Jimena Ortiz de Zevallos
Release Date
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September 13 2004
Drama, Romance

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Eva del Edén is a mystical blend of history, drama, and romance. Set in the 1540s in Lima, Peru, the show pinpoints a key moment in South American history as the powerful Incan Empire blends with European culture. The story focuses on the life of Eva de Palomino. Beautiful and courageous, Eva is a mestiza woman who must fight for what she believes in. She has vowed to reclaim the land that was stolen for her, and will stop at nothing to get it back. During her struggle, Eva encounters countless new faces, and her thrilling adventures sometimes lead her to love. More than just a simple romance, however, Eva del Edén focuses on culture, shedding light on the plight of the sixteenth century mestiza woman.


  • Agustín Benítez ... N/A
  • Alberto Isola ... N/A
  • Alejandro Escudero ... N/A
  • Alexandra Graña ... N/A
  • Armando Fonseca ... N/A
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Eva del Edén Forum

Eva del Edén Forum

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