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Escrava Isaura (Brazil, Portuguese) - Telenovelas

Escrava Isaura (2004-2004)

Title Translation
Isaura, the Slave
Emílio Di Biasi
Herval Rossano
Bernardo Guimarães
Ana Maria Nunes
Tiago Santiago
Altenir Silva
Release Date
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July 30 2004
Drama, Romance

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Set in mid-nineteenth century Rio de Janeiro, Escrava Isaura is the story of a strong young woman named Isaura. As the daughter of the Commander’s handmaid, Juliana, Isaura is born into slavery on Commander Almeida’s farm. Despite her status as a slave, the Commander’s wife, Gertrudes, loves Isaura as a daughter. Gertrudes wishes to one day grant Isaura her freedom. Unfortunately, both Gertrudes and the Commander die, leaving Isaura in the hands of their villainous son, Leoncio. Mad with his love for Isaura, Leoncio wishes to keep Isaura in his possession. He is angered that his love is unrequited, and refuses to allow Isaura her freedom. Trapped in her prison, the beautiful slave somehow manages to find love, making Isaura’s fight for freedom a quest for romance and passion as well as story of cultural history.


  • Aldine Muller ... Estela
  • André Fusko ... Gabriel
  • Bárbara Garcia ... Lipanesa
  • Caio Junqueira ... Geraldo
  • Carlo Briani ... Count of Campos
  • More...

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Misc Notes and Facts

Herval Rossano directed the two versions of 'Berardo Guimarães' novel for Brazilian TV in 1976 and 2004 respectively.

Escrava Isaura Forum

Escrava Isaura Forum

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