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Elizabeth (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Elizabeth (1980-1980)

Title Translation
Clemente de la Cerda
Pilar Romero
Release Date
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February 1 1980
Drama, Romance

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

An adopted child is reared by loving foster parents and grows up in a normal environment until her adolescence. Suddenly, a tragedy strikes. An unusual and possibly fatal disease forces the reunion with her biological parents and the subsequent revelation of her original illegitimacy. This highly traumatic experience affects intimately all the parties involved. The foster parents as well as the biological parents become involved in a taunt drama of rivalry and mixed emotions that culminate in a highly dramatic conclusion. Besides the gripping human drama displayed in this series, there is also an implicit message throughout, about the social decay of many traditional values of today's society.


  • Caridad Canelón ... Elizabeth
  • Carmen Julia Álvarez ... Graciela
  • Dilia Waikaram ... N/A
  • Grecia Colmenares ... Lourdes
  • Hilda Vera ... Jimena
  • More...

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Misc Notes and Facts

Elizabeth (1980) was a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Televisión. This telenovela was written by Pilar Romero and Clemente de la Cerda was its director. This telenovela lasted 67 episodes and was distributed internationally by Coral International.

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