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De Oro Puro (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

De Oro Puro (1993-1994)

Title Translation
From Pure Gold
Rafael Suárez
Julio César Marmol
Release Date
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March 1 1993

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

From Pure Gold combines the legends and fables of the past with the present time. Magic and legends come together with the present as one man confronts the ultimate destiny for all of us.

He faces death with no heed for the magic that lurks just beyond our consciousness. Even though there are those dark forces and they seek to possess him he ignores them and presses on with his quest. As we follow his quest much will be revealed and we will be taken into hidden landscapes full of wild beauty.

The story also brings together the legends of immortal beings, beautiful maidens and the fight for justice and weaves a story that is both gripping and passionate. Out of this crucible comes the pure gold that the title refers to. And from this pure gold come three legends to stand the test of time as the past and the present intermingle.


  • Alexander Milic ... Ianco Klopenberger
  • Dad Dager ... Rovenna
  • Dora Mazzone ... Virginia Cusiel
  • Flor Nuñez ... Auriselvia Luzardo
  • Francis Romero ... Cecilia Azocar
  • More...

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De Oro Puro Forum

De Oro Puro Forum

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