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Como Tú, Ninguna (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Como Tú, Ninguna (1996-1996)

Title Translation
Like You, No one
José A. Ferrara
Arquímedes Rivero
Alberto Gómez
Carlos Romero
Release Date
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March 1 1996

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

The title of this 1996 drama translates into Like You, No One. It tells the story of a poor young woman who finds that dreams can come true when she marries a young man who is not only rich but handsome too.

While their love may be deep and strong it is still new and unable to withstand the evil that is the rich young man’s mother. She dominates the family and wants her son to marry within his own class and she dedicates herself to ending the new marriage.

The pressure is too much for the young couple and the resulting divorce means that the poor young woman must return to her old life. But Fate has not decreed that these two should remain apart and eventually they reunite and the mother is punished for her evil ways.

Through it all runs the common theme that true love will finally overcome all opposition although sometimes things can look totally impossible. This gripping story ran for a total of 281 episodes.


  • Ana María Pagliacci ... N/A
  • Ángel Acosta ... N/A
  • Bárbara Teyde ... N/A
  • Beba Rojas ... N/A
  • Carolina López ... N/A
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Misc Notes and Facts

The theme song to Como Tu, Ninguna is "Si o No".

Como Tú, Ninguna Forum

Como Tú, Ninguna Forum

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    Sunday, February 06 2011 10:57 PM

    Author: JAKO from United States

    Alguien me puede decir cual era el nombre de la acrriz mayor que interpretaba a Miosotys nunca aoarecio en los creditos

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