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Carmen Querida (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Carmen Querida (1990-1990)

Title Translation
Dear Carmen
Release Date
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March 1 1990

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Dear Carmen takes us into the close world of a family that includes three women who are blood relatives. Not only do they come from the same family but they also share the same name and each faces the same destiny.

One has her life transformed by compulsive love that leads her to take her daughter and leave her family behind. Her daughter shares her name and the same fate awaits her but this time she can rely on the support of her mother.

When the daughter has a baby girl she too carries the same name as her mother and grandmother. Despite the support of the two older women the third cannot avoid the same mistakes they made. And once again the story is repeated just as it happened to the older women.

Each finds that love eludes them and the missed love that the first left behind could have changed the future for all of them.


  • Amalia Pérez Díaz ... N/A
  • Ana Karina Manco ... N/A
  • Asdrúbal Blanco ... N/A
  • Carlos Cruz ... N/A
  • Carlos Montilla ... Arturo
  • More...

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Misc Notes and Facts

The theme song to Carmen Querida is "Ya No Me Rio", performed by Fernando and Juan Carlos.

Carmen Querida Forum

Carmen Querida Forum

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