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Carita Pintada (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Carita Pintada (1999-1999)

Title Translation
Painted Face
Yuri Delgado
Luis Enrique Díaz
Valentina Párraga
Valentina Párraga
Germán Aponte
Irene Calcaño
Romano Rodríguez
Release Date
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August 25 1999
Drama, Romance, Family

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

A beautiful woman – Aurora - who was abandoned on the steps of a church at birth is the centre of this twisted tale of deception, jealousy and danger. Her father is a wealthy magnate and her mother comes from a much simpler background and there can be no life for together for them.

Blackmail comes into play when her father’s servant, who knows how the child came to be abandoned, decides that it’s time to cash in on that knowledge. At the same time the mother, who became an alcoholic at the time her babe was snatched from her, recovers and goes in search of her daughter.

And just to add to the twists and turns there is a love story that involves Aurora and two young men who are twins. They both can’t have her and so one tries to ensure that neither of them will have her.

As these threads are brought together Aurora is reunited with her mother and finds the happiness longed for with the young man she loves. The experiences that she has faced leave her a stronger and more independent woman who has the courage to follow her heart.


  • Alba Roversi ... Piera Bernal
  • Carlos Cruz ... Eleazar Medina
  • Carlos Olivier ... Paolo Richi/Paolino Rossi
  • Carolina Muziotti ... Kimberly
  • Catherine Correia ... Aurora Pabuena
  • More...

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Carita Pintada Forum

Carita Pintada Forum

User Reviews and Comments

  1. carita pintada, posted on
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    Wednesday, March 14 2012 03:00 PM

    Author: maaghiz from United States

    Fué una telenovela muy divertida excelente por favor donde puedo comprar esta novela

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