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Caribe (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Caribe (1990-1990)

Title Translation
Reinaldo Lancaster
Mariela Romero
Release Date
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September 10 1990
Drama, Romance, Mystery

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Caribe is a small island in the Atlantic inhabited by a hardworking and gentle people. Sadly they are oppressed and under the rule of a husband and wife. Into this strangely mismatched world of beauty and cruelty comes Manolita, an aspiring writer who becomes aware of the reality of life on Caribe.

Supported by the love of a wealthy young man Manolita fights for the rights of the people. Their love is so strong that it gives Manolita the strength to face all adversities as she looks into the murky past of the island’s oppressors.

It’s in that past that she finds the key that will unlock their grip on the people and give them the sovereignty that they crave. When all is revealed the oppressors will be unable to avoid their punishment and the conflict that has filled the series will be over.

This is a series that takes many threads and weaves them together with the realities of life and shows that there is hope in every situation.


  • Carlos Cámara Jr. ... Roberto Castell
  • Carolina Perpetuo ... Manuela Contreras
  • Dora Mazzone ... Aminta
  • Elisa Stella ... Matilda
  • Francis Romero ... Elvira Contreras
  • More...

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Caribe Forum

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