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Cara Sucia (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Cara Sucia (1992-1992)

Title Translation
Dirty Face
Gabriel Walfenzao
Carlos Izquierdo
Édgar Liendo
Carlos Romero
Carlos Romero
Alberto Gómez
Release Date
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January 1 1992

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Cara Sucia is yet another tale of mismatched love set against the hustle and bustle of Caracas. The hero is a member of the rich elite while the heroine is a poor newspaper seller who must work the street corners of the city just to earn enough to survive.

They meet and fall in love but life is not easy for them. There are strong forces opposed to their relationship including a father who is slowly descending into insanity and a former lover who wants the hero back. However these forces are not strong enough to prevent the lovers from marrying.

The sins of their forebears also play a part in the drama and the couple is much closer than they think. Both families are thrown into turmoil when the hero’s father ends his life in a shoot out with police after he tried to kidnap twin babies that the heroine had given birth to.

Through it all the love that the hero and heroine have for each other keeps them strong and focused on pushing through to a better life.


  • Adolfo Cubas ... Antonio González
  • Alberto Marín ... N/A
  • Alexis Escamez ... N/A
  • Ana Martínez ... N/A
  • Ana Massimo ... N/A
  • More...

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Cara Sucia Forum

Cara Sucia Forum

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