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Calypso (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Calypso (1999-2000)

Title Translation
Luisa De La Ville
Luis Alberto Lamata
Carlos Villegas
Luis Alberto Lamata
Vivel Nouel
César Miguel Rondón
Doris Seguí
Release Date
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December 1 1999

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Calypso is a picturesque and prosperous Caribbean island that, on the day of San Salvador -patron saint of the island- crowns the queen of the festivities, who this year is a lovely young woman named Maria Margarita, “la Bella” (“the Beautiful”). Everyone calls her that not only because of what is obvious to the eye, but also to differentiate her from her older sister, equally beautiful and with a similar name: Margarita Luisa, “la Grande” (“the Elder”).

But it turns out neither of the two Margaritas feel like celebrating today. La Grande is still in mourning - exactly one year ago, the sea took the life of Ernesto Lopez, the man she was going to marry. And la Bella is sad because she has to say goodbye to Mariano Gonzalez, a modest teacher who won her heart and is now leaving the island to never return. La Grande runs to the seashore in an attempt to feel closer to the man she so desperately misses. There, fate gives her the most extraordinary surprise: the swaying of the waves is carrying a man’s body toward the shore. La Grande dives in and pulls him out of the sea bringing him to safety. And that is how Simon Vargas, who will be known on the island as “the Castaway”, regains consciousness in the arms of a beautiful woman whom he confuses with an angel.

A wonderful yet peculiar relationship develops between them as of that instant. La Grande feels that the prophecy of La Maga (The Wizard), her friend and protector, is coming true: “When the sea takes a love, it always gives back a bigger, deeper one”. But who knows if that new love will end up being destined for her sister, la Bella? Because inevitably, Margarita la Bella also falls under the spell of the Castaway’s sensuality, tenderness and joie de vivre. And that marks the beginning of a bitter war between the two Margaritas over the Castaway’s love - a war that will become legend on Calypso and on many other islands in the Caribbean.


  • Aileen Celeste ... Clara Rosa
  • Alberto Alifa ... Ernesto Lopez Larazabal
  • Aniuska Lopez ... Mileydis
  • Beatriz Vasquez ... Manuela Rojo
  • Chiquinquirá Delgado ... Margarita Luisa Volcan - La Grande
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Misc Notes and Facts

The theme song to Calypso is "El Poder de Tu Amor", performed by Ricardo Montaner.

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Calypso Forum

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