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Alma Gêmea (Brazil, Portuguese) - Telenovelas

Alma Gêmea (2005-2005)

Title Translation
Twin Souls
Jorge Fernando
Frederico Mayrink
Pedro Vasconcelos
Walcyr Carrasco
Thelma Guedes
Release Date
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July 30 2007
Drama, Romance

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Everyone in Roseiral has a secret, even if they don’t know it yet. Mysterious and beautiful, the town is inhabited by a slew of fascinating characters, many of which have something to hide. Young lovers Rafael and Luna had a perfect romance until the malicious Cristina stepped in. Jealous of her cousin Luna’s beauty and talent as a ballet dancer, Cristina concocts a devilish scheme. Fueled with bitter, materialistic rage, she convinces her admirer, Guto, to steal Luna’s jewels which once belonged to their grandmother. Rafael’s entire world is shattered when Guto kills Luna, and he mourns her death incessantly. Twenty years later, he again finds his world turned upside down when the lovely Serena arrives in Roseiral. Fate brings Rafael and Serena together, but neither one knows that Serena is Luna’s reincarnation.


  • Adilson Girardi ... Guard Artur
  • Aisha Jambo ... Sabina Bel–Lac
  • Alexandre Barillari ... Guto
  • Alexandre Zacchia ... Foreman
  • Ana Lúcia Torre ... Débora Saboya
  • More...

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Misc Notes and Facts

Audience records: the episode when Mirna (Fernanda Souza) throws the villain Cristina (Flávia Alessandra) in a pigsty and she rubs her face in mud, had 48 points of audience and 70% of share. Another big audience happens when the telenovela is near to its end, when evil Debora (Ana Lúcia Torre) tries to murder Rafael (Eduardo Moscovis), putting poison in his juice, but who takes it and die is herself. But the most watched episode was the last one, reaching 56 points.

A Main point goes to Ana Lúcia Torre and Flávia Alessandra acting, being the evil villains Débora and Cristina, both in a great performance. No one had seen mother and daughter in a "so perfect synchrony" for making wicked things.

The text recited in the end is of authory of Harvey Spencer Lewis, XX century mystic.

A last main point may go to comic scenes, like those in Divina's Boarding house. And the scenes in Mirna (Fernanda Souza), Crispim (Emílio Orciollo Netto) and Bernardo (Emiliano Queiroz) ranch. And not to forget Olivia (Drica Moraes) and Vitório (Malvino Salvador) scenes, who hide a great love behind their fights.

Alma Gêmea Forum

Alma Gêmea Forum

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