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Adorable Monica (Venezuela, Spanish) - Telenovelas

Adorable Monica (1990-1991)

Title Translation
Lovely Monica
Carlos Izquierdo
Marcos Reyes Andrade
Arquímedes Rivero
Irene Calcaño
Milagros del Valle
Ana Mercedes Escámez
Iliana Gómez
Release Date
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October 24 1990
Drama, Romance

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Plot Summary/Synopsis

Adorable Monica was produced in Venezuela in 1990 and ran for 211 episodes; it was also distributed internationally

Monica is a poor farm girl from the provinces who is forced by circumstances to move to the city where her life becomes even harsher. The series follows her life in the city where she encounters trials and tribulations that revolve around human passions and desires.

This is one girl who brings out the best and the worst in people and she must endure it all and rise above it if she is to survive. Family and friends are either supportive or seek to use her.

The wickedness of others impacts on Monica as does the rough live in a crime ridden city where people are not always what they seem. Her constant battle to survive is what made this series so popular.

Despite the challenges and dangers Monica faces she manages to rise above it all and achieve her goals and this gives hope to the viewer.


  • Adela Romero ... Rosario
  • Alba Valve ... Ibiza
  • Andrés Izaguirre ... Juan Carlos
  • Angela Fuste ... Margarita
  • Azabache ... Perla Negra
  • More...

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Misc Notes and Facts

The theme song to Adorable Monica is "Yo Necesito Mas de Ti", performed by Guillermo Dávila.

Adorable Monica Forum

Adorable Monica Forum

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