Shows by Genre: Mystery

Resistiré - 2003/01/13

When Diego Moran’s girlfriend leaves him, breaking his heart and stealing his possessions, he thinks that he might never love again. But then he meets... more →

La Saga: Negocio de Familia - 2004/09/20

La Saga: Negocia de Familia is a story of love, family, and betrayal. The plot revolves around the Manriques, a family entrenched in Bogota’s seedy... more →

Ka Ina - 1995/04/01

Ka Ina is the tale of a triangle of love that is also linked by superstition and magic. Catalina is a beautiful educated woman; Manina is also beautiful and... more →

Rubí - 2004/09/20

Rubí ("Ruby") is a Mexican telenovela that aired on Televisa in 2004. The plot is based on the story by Yolanda Vargas Dulché and the telenovela that aired... more →

Juana la Virgen - 2002/02/05

One simple mistake in a hospital has far-reaching implications for a young girl and her family. The mistake means that 17 year old Juana is artificially... more →

Padre Coraje - 2004/03/08

When Coraje, a young idealist, sets out on a journey to La Cruz, his life is forever changed. Coraje and his friends come across Father John, a priest who... more →

La Mujer en el Espejo - 2004/03/08

The Woman in the Mirror is the story of an ugly duckling. Juliana is the unattractive daughter of a onetime fashion model who has great difficulty in... more →

La Madrastra - 2005/03/01

A terrible tragedy puts an end to a group of friends' pleasure voyage. Maria hears a gunshot, and finds her friend Patricia dead, and, within her confusion,... more →

Rina - 1977/09/01

"Rina" is a macabre telenovela that tells the rags to riches story of a poor hunchback and a destitute girl who sells straw dolls in the street and... more →

Caribe - 1990/09/10

Caribe is a small island in the Atlantic inhabited by a hardworking and gentle people. Sadly they are oppressed and under the rule of a husband and wife.... more →

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