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Leonela - 1983/04/01

Leonela is a beautiful woman who has remained chaste and saved herself for her wedding night. In a cruel twist of fate on the eve of her wedding she is raped... more →

Maria de los Angeles - 1997/04/01

Two children who dare to defy destiny make a pact to remain together forever. In keeping that pact they will face many challenges. Perhaps the biggest... more →

Pasionaria - 1990/09/01

Two worlds collide in a storm of intense passion where principles, beliefs and personal feelings are stirred in a bubbling cauldron. Barbara Santana is a... more →

María la del Barrio - 1995/06/01

This is a twisted tale of intra-family rivalry and passion that revolves around Maria Hernandez. At 15 she is orphaned but the head of a wealthy family takes... more →

Peligrosa - 1994/04/01

Love can sometimes be a trap from which there is simply no escape. That is the message behind the plot in this telenovela and the plot revolves around... more →

La Mentira - 1998/10/01

A story of family, love, and deceit, La Mentira tells the story of Demitrio Azunsolo. When the handsome Demitrio goes searching for his half-brother,... more →

Lazos de Amor - 1996/05/01

The story centers on María Guadalupe, María Paula and María Fernanda, identical triplets (all played by Lucero) with non-identical, complex personalities.... more →

María Mercedes - 1992/07/01

María Mercedes was a Mexican telenovela directed by Beatriz Sheridan and starring Thalía as Maria Mercedes Muñoz. more →

Aunque me Cueste la Vida - 1998/03/22

Aunque me Cueste la Vida (Though It Might Cost Me My Life) is a 1998 Venezuelan telenovela produced by Radio Caracas Televisión. It was written by José... more →

El Desprecio - 1991/03/01

El Desprecio is based on two distinct storylines. The first focuses on a young woman, her struggles, misfortunes, loneliness, loves, happiness, sadness and... more →

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