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El Desprecio - 1991/03/01

El Desprecio is based on two distinct storylines. The first focuses on a young woman, her struggles, misfortunes, loneliness, loves, happiness, sadness and... more →

De Oro Puro - 1993/03/01

From Pure Gold combines the legends and fables of the past with the present time. Magic and legends come together with the present as one man confronts the... more →

El Pecado de Oyuki - 1988/03/01

Set in historical 19th century Japan, this telenovela tells the story of a young woman named Oyuki. Forced into a world of oppression by her own brother,... more →

Alma Gêmea - 2007/07/30

Everyone in Roseiral has a secret, even if they don’t know it yet. Mysterious and beautiful, the town is inhabited by a slew of fascinating characters,... more →

Los Títeres - 1984/03/01

Written by renowned Chilean author Sergio Vodanovic, Los Títeres is the story of Artemisa Myknonos. When she was just seventeen, Artemisa moved to Chile... more →

Floribella - 2006/10/11

A whimsical Chilean drama, Floribella was created by Cris Morena as a remake of the successful Argentinean telenovela, Floricienta. A modern day Cinderella,... more →

Decisiones - 2005/11/11

Decisiones is a sexy telenovela hosted by Candela Ferro. The story lines of Decisiones deal mainly with modern day intimacy and relationship issues. The... more →

Girasoles para Lucía - 1999/10/18

Beautiful and exuberant, Lucía Trevi is a dreamer who loves to imagine her future. After spending her days and nights dreaming about the charming young... more →

Eva del Edén - 2004/09/13

Eva del Edén is a mystical blend of history, drama, and romance. Set in the 1540s in Lima, Peru, the show pinpoints a key moment in South American history... more →

Piel de Otoño - 2004/06/28

Piel de otoño is a Mexican telenovela, which was produced by and broadcasted on Televisa in 2004. It was also broadcasted later that year in the United... more →

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