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Rebelde - 2004/03/21

Rebelde ("rebel" or "rebellious") is a Mexican telenovela (soap opera) produced by Televisa. It is a remake of an Argentine telenovela Rebelde Way adapted... more →

La Fea Más Bella - 2006/01/23

La Fea Más Bella is based on the popular Columbian telenovela Betty La Fea. Lety is brilliant, ambitious, and kind-hearted. Unfortunately, Lety’s... more →

Rubí - 2004/09/20

Rubí ("Ruby") is a Mexican telenovela that aired on Televisa in 2004. The plot is based on the story by Yolanda Vargas Dulché and the telenovela that aired... more →

La Usurpadora - 1998/01/04

La Usurpadora is a story of family, identity, and betrayal. The plot revolves around twin sisters Paulina and Paola. Paulina is, gentle, and compassionate,... more →

Corazón Salvaje - 1993/10/01

Juan del Diablo grew up a savage on the beaches of San Pedro, abused by the man who raised him because he was the bastard of his wife and the wealthy... more →

Mirada de mujer - 1997/06/05

A woman stops in front of a mirror, she questions herself, inquires into the traces that her eyes have become, and what she sees paralyzes her. The reflex on... more →

Código Postal - 2006/05/22

This program is best described as the Mexican version of Beverly Hills 90210. It features beauty and youth and revolves around a group of young people who... more →

Amor Real - 2004/10/24

Amor Real is a period telenovela which is set in 19th century Mexico. A story of romance and duplicity, the plot revolves around two star-crossed lovers,... more →

Barrera de Amor - 2005/03/25

Barrera de Amor is a story of friendship, love, and betrayal. The plot focuses on the beautiful Maria Teresa “Mayte” Galvan. When her mother died and... more →

Rosa Salvaje - 1987/05/01

Rosa salvaje ("Wild Rose" or "Wild Rosa") is a Mexican telenovela that was broadcasted in 1987. It starred the popular Mexican actress Verónica Castro, who... more →

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