Shows by Country: Mexico

Alborada - 2005/12/12

The plot of Alborada revolves around the beautiful Mary Hipólita Diaz, a young Mexican woman. Mary was separated from her parents as a child, and went to... more →

Amigas y Rivales - 2001/07/30

The plot of Amigas y Rivales revolves around the exciting lives of four young women from different walks of life. Laura is a hardworking college student who... more →

Cuna de Lobos - 1986/03/01

A story of good and evil, Cuna de Lobos revolves around the lives of the Larios family. When Carlos Larios, the head of a prominent pharmaceutical company... more →

Dos Mujeres, un Camino - 1993/09/14

Juan “Johnny” Villegas is a man with a history. He transports merchandise from Mexico to the United States, embarking on adventures that often bring him... more →

El Derecho de Nacer - 1981/03/01

El Derecho de Nacer is a heartfelt double narrative about love and loss. When a beautiful young woman asks her doctor, Alberto Limoneta, for advice on an... more →

Teresa - 1989/01/01

N/A more →

Volver a Empezar - 1994/05/01

Starring Mexican diva Yuri as Reni, Puerto Rican singing legend Chayanne as himself, Carlos Miguel as Poncho and Pilar Montenegro as Jessica. Reni is a 20... more →

Gitanas - 2004/07/27

The telenovela tells the story of Maria Salomé, a young and stunning gypsy woman, played by Mexican actress Ana de la Reguera, who falls in love with a... more →

Muchachitas - 1991/05/01

Muchachitas is a Mexican telenovela produced for Televisa by Emilio Larrosa who also wrote the script during 1991 and 1992. The telenovela was also shown on... more →

Mundo de Juguete - 1974/01/01

Mundo de Juguete was a telenovela produced in Mexico by Televisa in 1974. Mundo de Juguete is a remake of telenovela Papá Corazón (Argentina, 1973) with... more →

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