Shows by Country: Brazil

O Clone - 2001/10/01

O Clone is the story of star-crossed lovers Lucas and Jade. While Lucas is the son of a powerful Brazilian businessman, Jade is the daughter of very... more →

Por Amor - 1997/10/06

When her family is virtually ruined, Azucena Garcia is forced to move to Bogota, Columbia. In order to survive, she begins working for the Rivero Del... more →

Terra Nostra - 1999/09/20

Set in the late 1800s, Terra Nostra is a telenovela about love and culture. Terra Nostra pinpoints an important time in history when Brazilian slaves were... more →

Vale Tudo - 1988/05/16

Maria de Fatima Accioly is ambitious to a fault. In her quest to be rich and powerful, she sells her family’s house and moves to Rio de Janeiro. While... more →

Escrava Isaura - 2004/07/30

Set in mid-nineteenth century Rio de Janeiro, Escrava Isaura is the story of a strong young woman named Isaura. As the daughter of the Commander’s... more →

Alma Gêmea - 2007/07/30

Everyone in Roseiral has a secret, even if they don’t know it yet. Mysterious and beautiful, the town is inhabited by a slew of fascinating characters,... more →

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