Shows by Country: Argentina

Floricienta - 2004/03/15

Loosely based on Cinderella, as well as The Sound of Music, Floricienta is the whimsical story of a young woman named Flor. When Flor finds herself caught... more →

Rebelde Way - 2002/05/27

The plot of Rebelde Way revolves around a group of wealthy adolescents at Elite Way School. Only the most privileged children find themselves at the... more →

Resistiré - 2003/01/13

When Diego Moran’s girlfriend leaves him, breaking his heart and stealing his possessions, he thinks that he might never love again. But then he meets... more →

Son Amores - 2002/01/28

Son Amores is a story of family and intimacy. Roberto Sanchez, a single football referee, lives alone in a suburb of Buenos Aires. He enjoys his solitude... more →

Chiquititas - 1995/08/07

Chiquititas, which means “Tiny Angels” in English, focuses on the lives of a group of orphans. The young children reside in an orphanage in Buenos... more →

Muñeca Brava - 1998/11/16

Muñeca Brava is the story of an exuberant, beautiful young woman with a thirst for life. Abandoned by her mother when she was just a baby, Milagros was... more →

Padre Coraje - 2004/03/08

When Coraje, a young idealist, sets out on a journey to La Cruz, his life is forever changed. Coraje and his friends come across Father John, a priest who... more →

Los Roldán - 2004/02/02

A successful Argentinean comedy, Las Roldán revolves around the life of Tito Roldán. During a mundane fishing trip, the modest Tito saves an elderly woman... more →

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